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Radial Engines  Evolution series Radial Engines will be available through Horizon Hobby, USA shortly.    
UMS Technologies Ltd was established in the year 1957. It started manufacturing electronic products and precision components.
Recently, UMS Technologies Ltd has been specializing in the manufacturing of very high precision aerospace components, Medical Equipment assemblies, parts, Heart Valves , Computer components, Automobile Accessories.
We cater to multinational companies such as HCL - U.S.A., HP - U.S.A., VISTEON - Germany, MITSUBISHI - Japan, SIEMENS - Germany, MTL Instruments - U.K., FESTO - Germany, SCHNEIDER - Germany, OLHO TECHNIK - Germany, HELLA - Germany.
** Design, Material and Specification are subject to change for improvement and it is at the discreation of UMS
This engine is used in vintage biplanes which are crowd pullers where ever they fly.
This complete kit of three Landing gear systems will help you to be airborne very short time
Stirling Engines are closed cycle regenerative gas engines, which is powered by the expansion and contraction of gas. The fixed amount of gas inside the Stirling Engine, is transferred back and for...